Time Blocking Your New Year

Do you want to reach your potential quicker than you thought possible? 

Time blocking is a time management strategy that can help you accomplish what is most important to you which can help you on your journey of becoming your best self.

For some people, it can feel overwhelming when they think of everything on their personal, professional/school and home “To-Do” lists.  Time blocking is a simple way to intentionally organize and schedule your days by assigning blocks of time to important tasks. Time blocking helps by breaking your day into chunks of time to accomplish specific tasks.

Time Blocking Tips:

1. Schedule set-scheduled tasks, such as work, appointments, etc. for the day/week/month

2. Schedule intentional self care including meals, exercise, and things to “fill your cup”

3. Ask yourself “Does my day/week/month feel balanced?” If no, are there adjustments you can make to create balance?

4. Check-in with yourself at the end of each day/week/month and assess how things went. Make adjustments as needed.

Reach out to a trusted family member, friend or professional if you’re needing help. Some people find they are more motivated when they have an accountability partner to check in with or to do some tasks with, like exercising.

It’s important to find a healthy balance of knowing what you need to do and not feeling overwhelmed by too many tasks. Thoughtfully evaluating how you are doing can help you tune in to possible adjustments. Remember that becoming your best self is a life-long process.  Give yourself grace for your efforts! Reaching out to someone you trust when you need support is not a sign of weakness, rather a sign you want help and are refusing to give up. 

There are many time blocking resources online. Check them out and see what resonates for you.

When things feel overwhelming find the courage to reach out for help. There are people who care who can help you!