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The 4 Phases of Our Rapid and Profound Method:


Understand the Neuroscience of Unwanted Sexual Behaviors


Learn skills to surf or manage sexual urges (rather than fight them)


Increase “Recovery Capital” (the amount of money in recovery bank)


Heal emotional bruises, that are creating sexual tsunamis.


Additional Resources for Religious Leaders

Inoculating Families Against The Effects of Pornography

This is a summary of Dr Redd’s full article which discusses five main principles to help your family heal from the negative effects of pornography.

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The Two-Minute Sequence

This article helps readers understand the creation, complications and management of addictive surges.

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Creating Connections

This article helps guide those to view past the behavior but rather where it is coming from and how to open safe discussions.

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Bishops Ecclesiastical Intervention Ideas

Learn more about the Bishops Ecclesiastical Intervention Ideas and how to implement them.

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