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Solace Emotional Health offers a wide variety of mental health assessments, support, and counseling. We have a team of therapists that specialize in the following areas of mental health:

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At Solace Emotional Health, our licensed therapists use proven techniques to work with you towards long lasting recovery.

Online Betrayal Trauma Workshop

Our Betrayal Trauma Classes can provide you with the support and tools you need to heal. Taught by licensed therapists in the Phoenix area, the classes are held online via Zoom and can be attended by anyone, from anywhere. 

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Our Methods

Treatment Program Description

As a new client, you will be matched with a Therapist who can best meet your needs. Appropriate diagnosis is made and a treatment plan is created with you and implemented until the presenting problem(s) have been reduced or eliminated. Brief questionnaires are completed prior to each therapy session using Dr. David Burns’ “Brief Mood Survey”.

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Treatment Philosophy

If the protocols that we suggest have not proven effective, behavioral techniques and trauma treatment approaches can be used, including EMDR or Hypnotherapy, to address deeper cognitive and emotional issues. Psychotropic medication referrals are also given to clients who present with symptoms and/or diagnoses that indicate they would likely benefit from using medications.

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