Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are common and often go untreated, but there are proven methods for recovery. Let us help.

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What is Anxiety?

All of us worry. We worry about what people think of us, financial problems, our kids, our work, our health. But some people are so preoccupied with their worries that they cannot seem to put things in perspective.

The good news is that there are helpful treatments for worry and generalized anxiety. Research on cognitive-behavioral therapy shows that many individuals can be helped with this anxiety. A variety of strategies and interventions have proven to be useful.

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What is Depression?

Depression has a variety of symptoms, such as loss of energy, loss of interest in activities and in life, sadness, loss of appetite and weight, difficulty concentrating, self-criticism, feelings of hopelessness, physical complaints, withdrawal from other people, irritability, difficulty making decisions, and suicidal thinking. Most depressed people feel anxious as well. They often feel worried, nauseated, dizzy, and sometimes have hot and cold flashes, blurred vision, racing heartbeat, and sweating.

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We Utilize 4 Therapeutic Models


The Cognitive Model

Cognitive therapy helps the patient learn effective self-help skills that
are used in homework assignments that help you change the way
you think, feel and behave now.


The Behavioral Model

The Behavioral Model looks at the behaviors that a person expresses and learns, and emphasizes use of pattern-changing in order to correct unwanted behavior.


Hidden Emotion Model

The Hidden Emotion Model teaches that we are not defective or broken, but rather that we need to learn what it is to be human by expressing our feelings.


Motivational Model

The Motivational Model emphasizes focus and goal-setting in order to change unwanted behaviors.

For patients who seem to have significant subconscious trauma, we use EMDR or Hypnotherapy, to rapidly identify and collapse the effects of subconscious sensitization.