Terms & Conditions

This support group is for WOMEN ONLY.

By enrolling in this group, you agree to be charged monthly in the amount of $50. This subscription gives you access to 2 classes each month, special resources and content related to Betrayal Trauma. 

Each class has a unique link. You will gain access to the link via email each week before the group begins. You agree that you will NOT share or distribute the class link with anyone. All members must be individually enrolled in the group. 


You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel your subscription, you will still have access to classes and resources for the remainder of the month that you initially signed up for. To cancel, please email us at office@solaceemotional.com


Our group discussions are published privately on Zoom. This information will only be available for current members. Although we make every effort to protect your privacy, we ask that you do the same. Be careful of managing your privacy as well as the privacy of your spouse, partner, or other members. Be aware of your interactions, what you share, and names you may use. Please respect the members’ anonymity. During live classes, you are always welcome to choose your level of engagement: mute or use your audio, shut off or use your video, or ask questions publicly/privately in the chat. If you would like, you may also use a pseudonym. 


Discussions facilitated through this zoom group are educational and do not replace therapy. The information is generalized to our audience and is not meant to create a therapist-client relationship, diagnosis, or treatment advice. Although our facilitator(s) are specialty trained therapists, they lead this group in the capacity of a teacher. These discussions are not intended as specific therapy or professional judgement for an individual but intended for a generalized audience and should not be relied on for medical or mental health advice. The content of these classes is not comprehensive or complete and does not include all potential individual circumstances or situations. These educational classes serve as general information and education about the topics discussed.

Remember, if you have worked privately with our therapists, they are bound by client confidentiality and will not discuss or acknowledge your work together in class. If you have questions, reach out individually.